The 4 Keys to decorate a themed bar .

Project Le Hangar. Reims. France

Interior design for themed bars is fashionable. A trend that not only attracts customers looking for new experiences, but that is a badge for your property. Thematize means giving soul and character to a space; a personal touch that will make your client be part of your story.

More than 30 years of experience and around 1200 projects in themed bars, restaurants and franchises give us the expertise to launch the Decoretro´s 4 keys that will perform your project unique and different.


The theme builds the brand and should be the backbone of the project. The first visual impact must makes clear where we are: an American bar, a medieval restaurant or a German beer garden. A simple chester will not convert a bar in an English pub. Therefore, let's talk about authenticity; a screenplay adapted to each of the decorative aspects.

Project: Santa Belinda Brasa, Zaragoza


Once the theme is chosen, we must define the style. The furniture, the palette of colors, materials,...everything must be synchronized. Whatever the style is, contemporary, vintage, classic or industrial, you must being alienated with the theme chosen to generate impact and visual harmony. Nowadays, vintage or industrial styles are highly sought after. Although increasingly projects are being developed where different styles…and if the merger fits, you can reach out to create truly eclectic spaces.

Project: 1889 Fast Fine, Stockholm


 The Interior design for themed bars like any other, must include a lighting study. It is studied that the cool lighting incite to consume faster and with warm one we invite to stay longer in the establishment. Therefore, we talk about the lighting as a great ally in any project of themed bars.

The lighting department of Decoretro, offers lighting solutions not only in the decorative but also in the choice of color and intensity depending on the model of our customers' business.

Project: La Tagliatella


Mies van der Rohe, one of the fathers of modern architecture quoted: "God is in the details". This is the message I want to give in the last key to decorate themed bars so unique and different. The interior design elements offer a myriad of possibilities to complete the decorative project. Sports items, photographs, old hubs and musical instruments are just a few of the objets trouvés that Decoretro always integrates in its interior design projects.

But the most important is that these details should be especially visible in all corners; not only in the main area, but also in bathrooms, hallways, or entry.

Project: Miss Sushi, Madrid

Decoretro means passion for themed decoration. We create interior design projects that tell a story. Our creative methodology is governed by:

The thematic guides us.

The style, accompanies us.

The lighting surrounds us.

And the details, our touch.

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