The best burger joint decor project of 2021

Jack Rabbit has been Decoretro’s top burger joint decor proposal in 2021. The project aimed to transport the space to the diners of the 1950s-1970s but with a revamped version and a touch of sophistication akin to ‘Hard Rock’ style.

The design team drew inspiration from Quentin Tarantino’s film ‘Pulp Fiction,’ particularly the burger joint ‘The Jack Rabbit Slim,’ which has baptized this burger joint decor project.

Following the aesthetic criteria proposed by the property, we incorporated all the elements and characteristics typical of American bar and restaurant decor but in a modernized version.

The color palette of reds, whites, and blacks serves as the base colors for any American-themed decoration, with black taking the spotlight in this case. Regarding sofa materials, we’ve offered a more sophisticated alternative with technical and breathable fabrics instead of the original leather seats typical of American diners. The American flag is a must-have element in the decor of any burger joint. At Jack Rabbit, 268 baseballs form an American flag as the house emblem. Neon lights, electric guitars, graffiti, t-shirts, and baseballs, basketballs… a plethora of decorative elements that, when combined, evoke the ‘Hall of Fame’ atmosphere of Hard Rock establishments. Incorporating life-sized figures of Elvis, Michael Jordan, or even the iconic Uncle Sam allows for interactive moments with users in the form of a photo call.

Jack Rabbit is essentially a decorative proposal inspired by diners but reimagined as a disruptive, impactful, and unique burger joint decor project. In fact, the opening of Jack Rabbit has made headlines in the media.

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