Retro-inspired tropical decoration

In December 2020, this restaurant by the renowned Swedish-Ethiopian chef Markus Samuelsson opened in Miami. It’s a project we developed in collaboration with our American partner and operated by one of the most prominent hospitality groups in Florida (Grove Bay Group).

The location couldn’t be more iconic, as in the 1960s, it was one of the most well-known nightlife spots in Miami. That’s why this decorative project pays homage to that golden era of retro..

The secret of this spectacular decorative proposal lies in the balance between retro and contemporary elements. It combines geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and 100% retro-vintage furniture. Tropical backgrounds suggest where you are… And as the cherry on top, contemporary artworks complete the decor.

It’s an extremely original decorative project designed to transport you through time with retro-vintage textures and a contemporary, tropical atmosphere.

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