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Jack Rabbit


The best burguer design project in 2021.

Jack Rabbit has been the best decorative proposal for an American restaurant in 2021.The aim of the project was to get a space that brings you to the dinners of the 50-70s but with a renewed version and a touch of sophistication like the “Hard Rock Cafe”.

The source of inspiration for the design team came from Tarantino's film "Pulp Fiction" and whose hamburger joint "The Jack Rabbit Slim" has named this hamburger decoration project. Following the aesthetic criteria proposed by the property, we included all the elements and characteristics of the decoration of American bars and restaurants, but in a modernized version.

The chromatic range of reds, whites and blacks as the base colors of any American decoration, in this case, black as the protagonist.Regarding the materials of the sofas, we have offered a more sophisticated alternative with technical and breathable fabrics than the original leather seats typical of American dinners. The American flag cannot be missing as an element in the decoration of any burger place. In Jack Rabbit, 268 baseballs form an American flag as the house insignia. Neons, electric guitars, graffiti, T-shirts and balls for baseball, basketball… a whole host of decorative elements that, combined with each other, evoke those “Hall of fame” of the Hard Rock establishments.

Incorporating Elvis, Michael Jordan or even the iconic Uncle Sam in real size, allow you to create moments of interaction with the user as a photo call.

Jack Rabbit is in essence a decorative proposal inspired by dinners, but converted into a disruptive, impressive and unique burger decorative project.

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